Info: Charitable Giving

Home Rule
Supports our local community.

Donation request guidelines:

Once a month, a Home Rule crew member draws an unmarked request from a drawing box and the lucky organization receives a contribution not to exceed 150 dollars.  Charitable gifts are in the form of merchandise and valued at retail.  There are no gift certificates or cash awards.

All Donation requests received by Home Rule are placed in a drawing box and entered into our monthly charitable contributions drawing.  Home Rule strives to conduct the drawings in a manner to which no particular organization or cause is favored over another.

Charitable organizations that do not operate directly within our local DC community will not be considered for donations.  Environmental concerns are the only organizations exempt from this rule.

There is a limit of one contribution per year, per charitable organization.  Any organization that has not received a donation from Home Rule in the past 12 months is eligible for the drawing.  Donation requests can be submitted by mail, email, fax, or walk in.  See our contact information on this site for more specifics.  Please include a contact name, phone number, address and charitable tax ID number on your request.

Please do not contact us to follow up. Home Rule will contact the winning organization by the contact information provided and post the winners on our website.

Home Rule thanks you for your time and we wish you the best of success in your efforts at making this shared world a better place for all!!

The Home Rule Crew